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The evil sorcerer madcap Beelzebub has contracted with His Excellency hellish committed each year a prescribed number of evil deeds, such as natural disasters, epidemics and other disasters, to perform. This year, however, not succeed him, his target to meet him because the High Council of the animals in search of the cause of all accidents on the romantic and naive male Maurizio di Mauro as a spy in the house sent the madcap by his inquisitive nature caution to the highest forces.

Also, the aunt of the magician who has Geldhexe Tyrannja Vamperl with similar problems. The numbers it has run rough Jakob Rabe Krakel is also a spy of the animals, which made it impossible to carry out their tasks before the end of the year to cope. In their desperation to close the two magicians on New Year's Eve together and try on this last day of the year by the powerful desire punch, of every wish can be fulfilled, the remaining accidents to perform. Through a magical reversal of the effect they have drank the potion does not even before the animals keep secret, because all requests in its opposite. If someone that is "full beautiful hair 'wish, so that fell as a result of all the hair.

The book plays between five clock afternoon and midnight on New Year's Day. Instead of chapter headings are set up times to the reader to show progression of time and thus the pressure of time illustrate the characters at all burdened by history. On the one hand there are the two magicians, the time before the next year the five-meter-long recipe to brew the request must be executed punch. They hinder each other, since, due to their evil character, always trying to fight each other and lose valuable time. On the other hand, there are cat and raven, the time must find a way to the great misfortune to prevent, without really knowing how.

In addition, the two animals with problems such as obesity and Katers of the chronic diseases of the Ravens struggled. Despite this, they devise a plan to develop a weakness of the draft should be exploited: When the first sound of the bells of the New Year's drink is not fully drunk up, does the reverse effect is not more. So would the whole accident, the cause magicians want louder boons, because now their wishes would be implemented literally. They want the animals to the cathedral bells ring prematurely. But the achievement of the bell is proving more difficult than expected, because the sacred New Year's Eve learns of their plan, and prohibits them to reach the bell, to ring. But as for the Holy space and time play no role, he is in a position ahead of the animals frozen in a tone of the bells at midnight, even though this first tone is at midnight. This is the last task, the animals have mastered this sound, as a further ingredient in the potion to give, without the magician is noted.
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